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Month: April 2011

SEO Tips For 2011: Writing Optimized Title Tags

I’m a sucker for SEO talk. It’s pretty much my favorite thing. And I love it when I hear other SEOs make sweeping generalizations about SEO strategies and methods. For example, I recently overheard someone talking about title tags. Apparently, they should always contain the brand *and* be less than or equal to 70 characters. Sure. Okay. That is the general rule of thumb for title tags. But is it right for every website in every industry all of the time? I say “NO WAY!” Let me tell you why.

Featured Designer: Kassidy

Kassidy is a very busy freelance graphic designer/illustrator located in Jersey City. Wearing many hats, Kassidy designs flyers, business cards, logos, and websites. Additional pursuits include being an editor/writer for, the premier t-shirt site, and serving as assistant web designer for BrandxHype, a brand development firm ( and, the premiere shop for Big Cartel themes and templates.

Graphic Design Roundup #24: Over 500 Tutorials, Fonts, Templates and Inspiration

Over 500 different ways to make yourself a better designer today. From tutorials to free fonts to HTML5 templates to inspiration, there should be no reason you can’t find something today to make yourself better tomorrow.

The Art of Design #11: Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great way to announce yourself right where a person lives. The customer doesn’t have to go anywhere, you go to them! A great mass marketing tool comparable to flyers, but with the twist of reaching someone directly at their home with a much better chance that your message will be kept in their home for weeks or months; seen over and over again. Unlike direct mail, which sits in mailboxes, waiting to be picked up and brought in the house, door hangers wait on doorknobs, where they’re much more likely to receive special attention.

Learn how to make the best of this under-utilized direct marketing piece. This week on The Art of Design: Door Hangers.

30 Ways To Begin A Blog or Make Your Blog A Bit Better

So you’ve decided you’re going to become a blogger. (Or maybe you just want to give your blog a boost.) Great! To be a success in anything there must first be desire. Now then, what will you blog about? Oh that! Fear not. Here is enough inspiration to get you through that pesky writer’s block for a whole month!