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Month: February 2011

Green Your Life: Making an Eco-Valentine’s Day

It’s easy to over do the celebration on Valentine’s Day as a couple. Whether it’s an extravagant dinner, flowers, chocolates, extra special gifts, and even a trip somewhere, you can go broke while creating a ton of waste and pollution; all in the goal to show your love on Cupid’s birthday. Why not show your love for your significant other while showing love for mama earth with these great ways to be green on a red day.

Copy Chat: How to Grab Your Readers’ Attention and Close the Deal

Information overload. We’re bombarded, bamboozled, or bored, by a never ending stream of too much of too much the same.  You might have the greatest product since (fill in the blank with your favorite product here), but unless you get people to pay attention your business can still fail. 

Marketing in the Digital Age: Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Are Facebook Ads right for you? With over 500 million active users, more than 70 translations available, and with users from more than 190 countries, advertising on Facebook is certainly something to consider. Below you will find some information to help you make your decision and help get you started.

Finding Yourself #2: Local SEO Tips & 10 Local Business Listings to Claim

In today’s search landscape, if you cannot be found in a local search, you will have trouble competing in your city. You may have an awesome product, venue and/or brand, and your SEO may be awesome, too. You might even have an amazing ad campaign and an incredible publicity strategy. Each of those will obviously have a big impact for your company. However, you also need to start thinking about local search and/or local SEO. Because nowadays, if you do not rank locally for “city+keyword” searches related to your products, you will miss out on a lot of potential business.