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Month: February 2011

Finding Yourself #2: Local SEO Tips & 10 Local Business Listings to Claim

In today’s search landscape, if you cannot be found in a local search, you will have trouble competing in your city. You may have an awesome product, venue and/or brand, and your SEO may be awesome, too. You might even have an amazing ad campaign and an incredible publicity strategy. Each of those will obviously have a big impact for your company. However, you also need to start thinking about local search and/or local SEO. Because nowadays, if you do not rank locally for “city+keyword” searches related to your products, you will miss out on a lot of potential business.

Photobomb #16: Brand Consistency, Selective Colour, and Lots of Macro

How can you integrate your photography brand into your business card? How do you create a panoramic photo? How do you earn money with your photography knowledge? What’s the best photo editing iPhone apps??

Find out and a ton more in this week’s Photobomb!

The Art of Design #4: Brochures

With so much available space and design options, designing a brochure can be a daunting task. You have a lot of information to present and you want it all to stick with your clients. With so many options for design, how do you get started?

That’s why we’ve collected this huge list of wonderful brochure inspiration, tutorials, tips and free templates to help you design the best brochure you can!

Small Business, Big Marketing: 10 Tips for High Impact Marketing on a Small Business Budget

All businesses, no matter their size, aim to maximize their marketing budget. But for small businesses, with little to no financial elbow-room, it can mean the difference between profit and failure. Here are 10 tips for creating high impact marketing on a small business budget.