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Month: February 2011

Photobomb #18: Shooting Tethered, Shooting Glass, Shooting Flies and Shooting Indians

Thursday means go and get your camera out! Go do some tether shooting, go shoot some glass, go shoot some flies and then take that trip to India to shoot a religious ceremony. Whatever you do just keep shooting and keep coming back each week for the latest in photography tips, resources and tools!

The Art of Design #6: Posters

Posters offer some of the best designs of any print product available. You have a lot of space, you have to make it stylish to catch the viewers eye and you have to convey the most vital information, quickly. These elements allow for some amazing and creative designs to be created that wouldn’t really work on any other print product.

With such a specific type of design, anyone could use help on making a poster pop. That’s why we’ve brought you 82 poster design tutorials, as well as inspiration, tips and resources to keep your posters catching the eye of everyone who walks by. This week on The Art of Design: Posters.