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Month: January 2011

Beyond Design: Andrew Tester

Andrew is a man wedded to his passions. He considers design to be his wife and photography to be his mistress. Highly talented, Andrew has designed junior Graphic Tees for the Max and Miley Cyrus line, and a couple of years ago he started the design firm, Golden Ticket Photography // Design. His goal of creating a place where designers and artists could expand their creativity and exceed their potential has worked; Golden Ticket is growing and successful.

Photobomb #13: iPhone Apps, Free Album Templates, DIY, & an Exercise Plan

Back again with a grab bag of photography resources, tips, inspiration and overall photobomb goodness! We hooked up your iPhone, your wedding albums, your valentines day and even your old photos that have just been sitting there. Keep shooting with this week’s Photobomb!

The Art of Design #1: Business Cards

Welcome to the first The Art of Design blog article! Each week, we will be focusing on the great art of print design, with each article focusing on a specific print product. From flyers to postcards to posters to even custom items, we will help inspire, teach and provide free resources to make the best print designs you can make.

This week… the mother of all print…. the BUSINESS CARD!

Sweet Spot #20: Geeking Out with my Tablet Out

Last weekend you might have noticed an electricity surge by way of Vegas, because it hosted the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where the worlds leading manufacturers/retailers of all things technology gather to exhibit the latest and greatest gadgets. Every year there are show favorites and every year there is a popular trend in the new “it” gadget. This year, it was all about TABLETS! This last year, tablets have been made commercially viable by, but I must iterate, not invented by, Apple. Many companies showcased their own tablets, in hopes to compete with their popular iPad. The clear “Best In Show” gadget of CES? The Motorola Xoom tablet!

Using the Cross Media Marketing Advantage

One of the first noteworthy cross media marketing incidences occurred in 1977. The movie Saturday Night Fever was released – along with its respective sound track. Cross media marketing is, in essence, cross channel promotions with customers being given a response option in another channel. For instance, send a direct mail postcard with an invitation for an exclusive offer if they go to a particular URL. Cross media marketing at its best is integrated, highly targeted, and effective.

The Social Media Sheriff #12: Future of the Social Web, Infographics, Getting Better

The Sheriff has to hit the social media dusty trail and won’t be able to see you every Thursday anymore. Yet with every sunset comes a sunrise. I’ll be here every couple of months to bring you the latest in Social Media resources, news and tips! Keep an eye out for The Social Media Sheriff and he’ll keep an eye out on the Wild West World of Social Media!