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Month: December 2009

Why You Should be Gung-ho about Greeting Cards

Greeting cards stand out among the reams of junk mail we all receive. They are nice to look at (when done well), are a quick read, and make us feel good – perhaps because we associate them with happy announcements like weddings and parties.

According to a Hallmark Business Expressions survey, about two-thirds of the people said that when businesses send greeting cards showing “appreciation for a purchase or referral, the consumers are more likely to do business with the company again. Almost 75% said that they appreciate the gesture and they feel like the company really cares about them.”

Sweet Spot #10: Here Comes Santa Claus

To add the countless information you can find on Google, they now have an inside track on Santa Claus. I just read the most heart-warming story of how the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), of all places, got into the Santa tracking game on the Google Blog.

Check out the NORAD Tracks Santa site for the Christmas Countdown and fun family Christmas-themed activities, but the real headliner of the show happens on Christmas Eve, where you can track Santa’s path on Google Earth. Happy Tracking!

25 Cats Who Hate Christmas

I always think its funny when people dress up their cats for the holidays and while I am sure some cats love Christmas these cats below sure seem to be in “grinchy” mood! Feel free to add some funny “lolcats” style comments on these photos and post links to the pics or show us your own cats who hate Christmas photos! Happy holidays everyone and I hope these kitties get more into the holiday spirit this year.

30 Apocalyptically Awesome Poster Designs for 2012

There has been a lot of talk recently about 2012 and whether or not it will be the end of the world as we know it! December 21st, 2012 is said to be the end date of a 5,125-year-long Mayan Long Count calendar, which many people believe will be the end of the world, but others believe this is just the beginning of a new era and view it in a positive light.

What do you think? Will 2012 be the end of the world, will it be the start of a new era or will it just be another normal day? While you think of a response check out some of these awesome poster designs in honor or the 2012 phenomenon!

Holiday Marketing –Stand Out with Die-Cuts

Holiday sales can be as much as 75% of a companies’ annual profits1 so there’s no doubt that the current spending season is vital for many businesses. In this lackluster economy it’s tempting to cut back on your advertising budget, but this is the time for a marketing push. The L.A. Times had a recent article describing a Holiday performance with acrobats suspended up to 80 feet in the air doing somersaults and soaring about in red sparkly outfits.

This was not a Cirque du Soleil act, but rather a holiday evening at the Beverly Center Mall.2 This extravagant campaign designed to get people to come out and, oh by the way, spend some money, is clearly not something most of us can afford to do in order to boost seasonal sales. But don’t despair, a series of smart marketing choices can still add up to a campaign that connects with your customers and is different enough to help your message stand out from the season’s clutter.

25 Geeky Holiday Greeting Cards

‘Tis the season to be geeky! The holidays are just around the corner so if you are planning to send out some greeting cards to friends, family and/or coworkers check out this fun collection of geeky holiday greeting cards from around the geekosphere for some inspiration. Which is your favorite geeky card? Feel free to link to any other fun cards in the comments! Enjoy.