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Month: September 2009

Marketing: Give Back AND Get Ahead – New Program for Next Day Flyers

Todays relationship-oriented marketing climate, combined with the current state of the economy, makes this the perfect time to create promotional programs that help your company grow, while at the same time increasing your profits. Lots of companies have programs that give back to the community.

Target has their Target Resources Fundraising, Inc. that allows the customer to give back to their selected school. Little Ceasars and Krispy Krème Donuts can also help you raise some “dough” for your community. This new age of large scale social networking broadens the opportunity for, small one on one, giving back; such as recommending a new Facebook friend.

Beyond Design – Chris Ayers

Chris is living proof that those cool, Hollywood stories really do come true sometimes. You’ve heard the story before; a dreamer packs all their worldly possessions into their car and drives west to Hollywood hoping to become an artistic star. And guess what? He did.

Chris has been doing artwork for as long as he can remember. One of his first entrepreneurial ventures was designing and selling an extensive line of greeting cards in grade school, which he aptly named, “Chris Cards.” Twelve years ago he studied art in college doing caricatures and other freelance gigs to help pay the bills. He now pays the bills creating character designs for big Hollywood movies such as Fantastic Four and X-men.

20 Awesome Business Card Designs All Between $1 to $4 Each – Great Designs!

If you don’t have the budget to pay a graphic designer to design a custom business card, you have other options. You can easily buy any one of the designs below, all for under $4! Then print with us and save tons of money