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Month: August 2009

SEO Copy – Should You Live Life in the Long Tail?

Seducing search engines with Long Tail Keywords is something to consider when you’re writing copy. You know what I’m talking about, copy that waits for passing search engines then beckons, “Hey, Mr. Search Engine, Over Here, Over Here – I have exactly what that searcher is looking for!” Long tail search terms are important to know about and important to use – in certain situations. Here are some basics:

Sweet Spot #7: Smart Art from the Start

We are far from the days of legendary artists Monet and Michelangelo, Picasso and Warhol. Those artists broke new ground and their innovation made them memorable. So many artists have tried new mediums, new techniques, and new obscenities at an attempt to stand out, but few have made comparable impressions. It seems like nowadays, what is there left to do? Are all the new ideas gone? Not necessarily – these two artists have succeeded in finding new interpretations, check them out!