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Month: June 2009

5 Hot Ideas to Take your Summer Marketing from Fizzle to Sizzle

Ah, summer. Swimming pools, the beach, a nice cold drink on a sweltering day. No worries, right? Well, when the current economic times are combined with a potential summer slump, you might have a few marketing woes. To help turn your summer ROI from naught to a lot, here are 5 hot ideas.

Does Your Company have the Vision for Growth?

Creating Mission and Vision Statements

Have you asked yourself lately where your company will be five or more years from now? Knowing what you want your company’s future to look like is crucial for growth1 and vital for effective business planning. After all, if you don’t know where you’re going you won’t know which choices you need to make to get there. Like any goal, it’s not enough just to think about it; you need to write out the steps and make them measurable.