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10 Terrific Twitter Tools and Tips

If you’re thinking about starting on Twitter this tells you what it is.

1. Twitter in Plain English – Video

Found on


2. TweetBeep

This free tool lets you put in keywords (such as your company name) so you get an email every time someone tweets with that phrase or words. A great customer service tool, you can address complaints about your company as soon as they crop up.


3. Search Twitter

With this gem you can “See what’s happening – right now.” Just plug in your keywords of interest and you’re off to the races.



Great tool! Use this to shorten your URL and also track how many people click on those links. Free.


5. TwitterCounter

This lets you track and compare your Twitter follower numbers over the last weeks and months.


6. Twellow

Directory of public Twitter accounts – Twitter yellow pages, as it were.


7. Monitter

You can have great fun with this one – live streaming tweets of what people are saying right now on the keywords you select.


8. Twitter Tips for Beginners – Video

A 40 minute video – good for the more advanced user too.


9. TwiTip

Website all about Twitter.


10. Twenty-One Top Twitter Tips (

By Daniel Adler, this article will give you some good marketing ideas for Twitter. Read Here!

Happy Tweets!

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