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Stickers - 3 x 7

Prices from $94.95

  • 3" x 7" wide rectangular stickers
  • Matte or Gloss
  • Cut to size for easy distribution
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3” x 7” Promotional Stickers

This sticker size is great for printing campaign or political stickers.  You will have enough space for a logo, a name and short slogan.  


  • Writable matte finish
  • Optional fade resistant glossy coating
  • Permanent adhesive


Next Step:

15-Point PrePress Check Process

15-Point PrePress Check Process

  • Resolution review
  • Size verification
  • Bleed verification
  • Safety review
  • Human verification of artwork matching the order specs
  • Color mode review - evaluate for major color shift
  • Check for white overprint
  • For orders requiring post-press work; verify scores, die-cuts, folding and mailing clearance
  • Preflight press ready files and final human inspection
  • Electronic verification of the files submitted to next work area
  • Electronic preflight checks: fonts, vector images, raster images, resolution, and color modes
  • InRip trapping for optimal print registration
  • Human verified order specifications
  • Human inspected order output
  • Human inspected order plating
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