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Posters - 18 x 24

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  • 18" x 24" finished size
  • Printed on 80 lb. or 100 lb. glossy book weight paper
  • Use one side or both for extra space for text and visuals
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Product Details

Generate Buzz on the Street with an Impactful Poster

Posters are a great tool for generating buzz on the street for your product or event. Make sure your event stands out from the rest with a high-quality, full color poster that jumps out and grabs everyone’s attention! A lively full color 18x24 poster will give your event the interest and credibility that it deserves.

Printed on 100 lb. or 80 lb. gloss paper, an 18x24 poster gives you the opportunity to present your image in a manner that exudes class. The 100lb glossy poster is a rollable poster that is easy to hand out or distribute though the mail. Printed on a state-of-the-art high speed press, posters from NextDayFlyers are perfect to promote an event, new movie, or marketing campaign.

Normally you wouldn’t be able to find this type of quality with such speedy service. Even buying a single retail poster online would take a few days to ship. How amazing is that you can get dozens, hundreds, or thousands of copies of your unique design printed and shipped to you by the next day? With our 18x24 posters you can maximize the reach of your message at a low cost.


    » Full color both sides for twice the value

    » Printed with a state-of-the-art offset printing press

    » Reviewed by unrivaled quality control standards

    » Printed on 100lb glossy paper or 80lb glossy paper

What our customers are saying:

“I love your products and speed!”

Patrick C. Fullerton, California

“You always make my day anytime I submit a job. Thank you.”

Tunde M. Bronx, New Jersey

“I thought your customer service, price, shipping and the end product were all exceptional. Thanks!”

Millie R. Boise, Idaho

Marketing Tips

An 18x24 poster is a great size for a photographer or graphic designer to create a series of posters that are released on a monthly or quarterly schedule. Collectors and admirers of your work will anticipate each release and will strive to collect every poster in the series. You can make each poster available for pre-order and sell your posters well before you place your order. Pre-order sales help you gauge interest and determine how many posters you will need to order to meet the demand!

If you’re a club promoter, a poster can be used to highlight special guests that will be attending your upcoming event. You can visit local music or coffee shops about placing your poster in their establishments to create buzz for your event. You can also reach out to local radio stations to sponsor your event. The radio station’s logo on your poster can give your event the name recognition and familiarity that will attract more guests.

If you are a small business owner, consider adding a calendar to your 18x24 poster and turning it into a giveaway in preparation for the upcoming year. This adds value to your poster and makes certain that the message on your poster will be visible for at least a year. Your customer will have a piece of artwork that meets multiple needs and they will advertise your business at no additional cost to you.


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