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  • 8.5" x 11" finished size
  • Printed on 100lb glossy Paper
  • Printing on both sides allows for photos to be featured each month
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Product Details

Advertise Your Business Effectively with 8.5” x 11” Calendars

Printing calendars is a smart way to reach customers and keep them aware of your products and services every day. Full page calendars measure 8.5" x 11" and provide abundant space for photographs that promote your business. Color printing on both sides allows you to feature a photograph for each month of the year. On the self-cover, we add a UV coating for added durability. Our full page calendars print on quality 100lb glossy paper, and come folded and stapled.

To make designing your custom calendar easier, we offer downloadable design templates with the correct file size, bleed, safety zone, trim marks, and color profiles.


    » Full page calendars measure 8.5" x 11" finished

    » Your custom calendar prints on 100lb glossy paper

    » Full color printing with a photo for every month

    » Calendars are folded and stitched (stapled)

What our customers are saying:

“Everyone is very helpful and courteous.”

Lady M. Westchester, California

“Super pleased with the experience…Have already given the company information to 3 store owners!”

Katherine N. Columbus, Mississippi

“Best quality, service and price.”

Robert W. Chandler, Arizona

Marketing Tips

Custom calendar printing is a fantastic way of advertising your business because it keeps your company in front of customers every day of the year. Although there are many ways to use calendars for marketing, one approach that works for many businesses is to use it as a portfolio of your best work. What better way to promote your services than to use examples of your past work to illustrate your calendar?

Printing calendars that show work samples serves your business in several ways. By showing a diverse sampling of your work, it can give customers new ideas about how they can use your services. Also, lavish and costly work samples provide good photos, and by promoting your work in upper price points you may encourage customers to spend more than they might otherwise on your services. Providing a caption for your photos can identify the value-added services you provide to your clientele and help make a sale.

Full page calendars offer a generous canvas for photography and can be used for promotion by a wide variety of businesses, including:

  • Custom woodworking
  • Auto restoration
  • Graphic design
  • Personalized wedding planning
  • Metal refinishing
  • Furniture building
  • Window retrofitting
  • Tattoos and body modification
  • Salons and spas
  • When your customers look at your calendar’s inspirational images they’ll be prompted to take action. This daily prompting is especially important for businesses who sell non-essential services. Make sure you include your phone number or contact information on your calendar so customers will know how to reach you when the buying mood hits them.


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