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  • 8 to 96 pages - 4 substrate choices
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Product Details

Print Booklets and Make a Full-Page Impression

Full-page booklets are extremely popular because of their large format and versatility. Our 8.5” x 11” booklets are sure to make a statement with bright and vivid colors. With offset printing, we guarantee stand-out quality that you won’t get with digital printing.

Whether you need magazines, catalogs or reports, our booklet printing options are tailored to suit your needs. 70lb uncoated opaque paper or 100lb, 80lb and 60lb glossy paper, and booklets can be printed in 8 to 96 pages. Our self-cover booklets use the same paper on the outer and inner pages, making them an economical choice for the budget-minded.

When you print booklets with NextDayFlyers, we guarantee a high-quality product at a low-impact price - what’s not to love about that?


    » Bright and clear colors with offset printing

    » Paper types: 100 lb., 80 lb., and 60 lb. glossy paper or 70 lb. uncoated opaque paper

    » Self-cover booklets use the same paper for outer and inner pages

    » Includes folding and stitching (stapling)

    » Self cover or 100 lb. gloss cover as a custom option

    » Write-on uncoated paper works with pen, pencil, and marker

    » Available in 8 to 96 pages (4 to 24 panels) – ideal for catalogs and magazines

    » Super-fast printing turnaround: next-day or 2–4 business day


The price of this product includes folding and stitching (stapling).


Half Fold

The bi-fold divides into 2 vertical panels. The panels fold on top of one another.


What our customers are saying:

“As always, my experience was great! I had made a mistake in my design and the pre-press caught it and notified me so I could make the correction. Thank you! The finished products printed SO nicely and were very high quality. They are shipped with care, so they come in great shape. And the prices are excellent.”

Amanda W. Shoreview, Minnesota

“Easy, quick, not expensive.”

Matt M. New York, New York

“Print quality on my (order) is awesome! Thank you so much!”

Lea B. Portland, Oregon

Marketing Tips

Full-page booklets make a lasting impression, and it’s just one of the reasons why individuals and businesses choose this large format. These letter-size 8.5-inch by 11-inch booklets not only provide more space for information and images, but their standard size makes them easy to distribute at business meetings and other professional occasions. With two paper options – 70lb uncoated paper and 100lb glossy paper – they’re sure to bring quality and excellence to any presentation or event.

Because booklets are multi-page documents, be sure to take great care when planning the layout. Remember that booklets are printed in increments of two panels (or four pages), so if your presentation or newsletter only requires 3 pages, you’ll need to consider how to use the extra page carefully. Spreading your content too thin may make it appear sparse, but cramming too much information across fewer pages might make your booklet copy too overwhelming to read. Consider adding extra images to fill up space, or add sidebars that summarize your information in bullet points to make your data easy to read at a glance.

When including images, make sure that the resolution is at least 300ppi. If you need to shrink your images to fit the page or design, they won’t appear pixelated or fuzzy. You don’t want a blurry image distracting readers or making your presentation look unprofessional or sloppy.

Booklets for Home and Personal Projects

Large booklets are the perfect size for family projects such as vacation photo books and genealogy books. Print them on 100lb glossy paper to really make your memorable photos pop from the page! They’re also ideal as end-of-the-year family bulletin to give updates to friends and distant relatives. Write about any accomplishments, vacations, new jobs, and more - your loved ones will enjoy getting a personal newsletter in their mailbox.

Creative professionals use booklets a great tool for self-promotion. Make-up artists, photographers, and graphic designers print their portfolios on booklets to feature their work in a large format. Booklets can also be used by authors and illustrators to self-publish their work: how-to guides, children’s books, travel books, poetry chapbooks, and more. They are inexpensive to print in high volumes, and easier than waiting to be accepted by a major publishing house.

Marketing and Business Uses for Booklets and Catalogs

Booklets are especially effective for companies, non-profit organizations, and small businesses as a professional-looking marketing and informational tool. They’re the perfect size for catalogs because they allow for plenty of space to feature images and descriptions of products and services. For your next tradeshow or convention, print booklets on writable 70lb uncoated paper so attendees can take notes when visiting your booth.

Create a proposal or presentation for an important meeting using full-page booklets, then add a high-gloss UV coating to “wow” everyone in the room as you hand out your materials. Financial prospectuses, quarterly and year-end reports, and other corporate presentations are some other examples of information that would best be presented professionally as a booklet.

Glossy booklets are also great for luxury home and commercial realtors who want to impress potential buyers with a five-star presentation. High gloss booklets can also be used as concert programs - they are great commemorative keepsakes for fans to collect.

Are you looking for more booklet printing options? We also offer additional services, such as perfect binding, coil binding, finishing services, and more! Call our Customer Care team at 800-251-9948 to find out how we can take care of your custom booklet printing project!


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