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Standard Banner Stands

Prices from $164.95

  • 33.5” x 79” pull-up-and-stand banner
  • Put your full-color design on high-gloss poly film that retracts into base
  • Compact and lightweight aluminum – includes handy travel case



Banner Stands by NextDayFlyers

When you need an easy and portable banner solution for tradeshows, in-store promotions and product demonstrations then look no further than our retractable banner stands. Our take-anywhere banner stands are supplied with a handy carrying case and can be assembled in a matter of seconds with a quick pull-up motion. For the sales rep on-the-go or the vendor who is in-a-hurry, they represent the fastest, easiest and most affordable display option for demonstrations and exhibits.

Our banner stands are available in two options, a premium poly film and a standard 13 oz scrim vinyl. Banners are 33.5” x 79” in size and easily retract into the banner stand.

Add your full-color logos, graphics and photo images to these quality banner products for a high-impact banner that adds value to all your speeches and presentations.

Banner stands are so fast and simple to order at NextDayFlyers! It takes minutes to upload and checkout your banner stands and you can have them delivered in just 2-4 days!

Order your retractable banner stands with NextDayFlyers today, and solve all your complicated display problems!

Download our PDF standing banner instructions for easy-assembly

More Banner Options!

If you’re looking for a hanging banner for your indoor and outdoor promotions, we have those too! Check out our banner page to see our scrim vinyl banners with grommets.

Retractable Banner Stands – Features and Benefits:

    » Lightweight banner stand that assembles in seconds

    » Includes a handy case for easy travel

    » Retractable action - graphic rolls up into the base

    » Silver anodized aluminum finish

    » Available in standard 13 oz scrim vinyl and premium high gloss poly film


    » Ideal for tradeshows, presentations, in-store signage and more

    » Get 2-4 day turnaround on your banner stands

    » Ensure customer satisfaction with our 33-point quality checks

    » The best shipping record in the online printing industry with 99.8% on-time delivery success

    » Money back guarantee, we will reprint or refund your money if you’re unhappy

Next Day Printing Promise
Next Day is more than just our name, it's a promise we make to our customers. If your print files are completed and approved by 6 PM PT, they will be ready to ship or pick-up the next business day.

What our customers are saying:

“Next Day Flyers has been consistently reliable, professional, friendly and very timely in completing orders!”

Traci S. Irvine, California 6/7/2012

“I love NextDayFlyers and all their services. I have recommended your company to plenty of my friends and will continue to order your quality products. Your customer service representatives have been a great help catching design errors that I have made on my projects – all in a timely manner. I truly have had a fantastic experience with NextDayFlyers products, super speedy service and reasonable prices. You guys have done me and my company a great justice and I am well pleased ...Thanks”

Thomasina W. Gardena, California 6/2/2012

“Your staff was very helpful. Our order was perfect and delivered faster than I could have ever expected. Thank you!”

Leanne N. Cape Coral, Florida 6/1/2012

Banner Stand Marketing
Retractable Banners and Their Many Applications

Retractable Banner Stands – The Take-Anywhere Sign Solution
Retractable banner stands are such a useful product for promoting your product, services, store or company. This portable, spacesaving promotional product can be carried around from locationtolocation in a handy carrying case and put up in seconds. Take your banner to a mall or trade show and “hey presto!” you now have a sign for your business that you can easily putup and packaway.

Here are a few suggestions for banner stand uses:

Retractable Banner Stands for Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Possibly the main users of banner stands are vendors at tradeshows, conventions and exhibitions. Take multiple retractable banners with you to a tradeshow and you pretty much have your own booth that requires no construction and can be transported in the trunk of your car. What’s more, it’s so inexpensive in comparison to most other tradeshow booth stand alternatives.

Retractable banners are also used by tradeshow organizers and exhibition hall management to advertise events or as hall directions for rooms and event scheduling.

Retractable Banner Stands for Point-of-Sale Promotions

Product manufacturers and retail companies often use retractable banners for in-store promotions, sending them out to stores, salons, hotels and other businesses they supply. Being so easy to put up and affordable, they are the perfect marketing solution for many product manufacturers. They are also used frequently by in-store sales reps as a visual aid to take from store-to-store to help demonstrate and promote their products.

Retractable Banner Stands for Speeches and Presentations

Whether you’re making a political speech, a religious sermon or a business presentation, retractable banners can say so much. Put your messages on banners and display them in constant view of your audience throughout your speech to reinforce your message. Use them whenever and wherever you are speaking. The fact that a retractable banner can be put up and taken down so easily, makes them the perfect choice for people who are giving speeches and presentations in multiple locations.

There are SO many uses for retractable banners. Here are just some of those uses:

  • Display banners for tradeshow vendors and conference management
  • Product display banners for travelling product reps and salespeople
  • Point of sale promotions for stores and businesses
  • Mall signs to direct people to your store and for store promotion
  • Mall signs for non-permanent product stalls and other vendors
  • Directional and promotional signs for stadiums and sports grounds
  • In-store brand promotions for salons and hairstylists
  • End cap display banners for supermarkets, sports good stores, department stores, etc.
  • Car dealership banners for showroom floor promotions
  • Product promotion and display banners for golf clubs and resorts
  • Promoting your fashion brand at catwalk shows
  • Signs for cinemas and theater performances
  • Home business product party hosting
  • For speeches, presentations and religious sermons
  • Lobby banners for companies to showcase their products and brand
  • Product demonstrations
  • Wedding, event and cocktail parties

  • These are just a few ideas and suggestions for your banner stands and promotions. However you plan to use your standing banner, ensure supreme quality and durability by ordering it from NextDayFlyers. Start your order today!